Transform Your Kitchen with Burlap Cabinets: A DIY Guide with Stats and Tips [Step-by-Step Tutorial]

Transform Your Kitchen with Burlap Cabinets: A DIY Guide with Stats and Tips [Step-by-Step Tutorial]

**Short answer burlap kitchen cabinets:**

Burlap kitchen cabinets are a popular trend for achieving a rustic or farmhouse-style look. They involve covering the cabinet doors and drawers with burlap fabric, which can be customized with different colors or prints. However, it’s important to note that burlap may not be a durable or waterproof option for long-term use in the kitchen.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Create Burlap Kitchen Cabinets

Burlap has become one of the most popular materials to use for a rustic, country-style home decor look. And what better place to start when decorating your home than with the heart of the house, the kitchen! Burlap kitchen cabinets will add that rustic touch that will make your kitchen feel cozy and welcoming.

If you’re ready to take on this DIY project, then follow our step-by-step guide for creating beautiful burlap kitchen cabinets:

Step 1: Remove Cabinet Doors

Before beginning any work, remove all cabinet doors and hardware from your cabinets so you have a clear work surface. It’s important to note that this process is best done on flat-panel cabinet doors as they are easiest to cover with burlap. Raised panel doors may require additional steps in order to create an even and smooth surface.

Step 2: Cut Burlap Fabric

Measure each door carefully and cut out enough burlap fabric to cover each one completely. Make sure you leave enough excess material around all sides so you can easily fold it over the backside of each panel.

Step 3: Apply Fabric Stiffener

To get a crisp finish on your burlap fabric without any unwanted fraying or wrinkles, we recommend using a commercial fabric stiffener. You can find them at most craft stores or online retailers. Simply apply it evenly across the entire front side of each panel using a paintbrush or roller brush.

Step 4: Attach Burlap Fabric

Now it’s time to attach your cut pieces of burlap material onto every door panel using an adhesive spray like 3M Super 77 Multipurpose Adhesive Spray (be sure you don’t choose one which is water-sensitive). Be careful not to apply too much as it could cause puckering and bubbling in areas where there is excessive adhesive buildup.

Once all panels have been covered with burlap, gently press down on them, making sure they lay flat and smooth. Cover the entire surface carefully, making sure there are no visible wrinkles or bubbles beneath the burlap.

Step 5: Trim Excess Material

Using scissors, trim any excess burlap fabric from around each panel. If there are any bumps or air pockets on your cabinet doors, gently roll over them with a rolling pin to flatten them out.

Step 6: Add Decorative Accents

The final touches are what truly make this project special! Look for unique metal knobs or drawer pulls that add character to your kitchen. You can also create custom labels using a chalkboard paint marker or purchase pre-made adornments from craft stores which come in natural shades like chestnut brown or beige tones that blend well with the colors of the burlap material.

In conclusion, dressing up your kitchen cabinets with burlap fabric is a charming way to add a touch of country-style flair while maintaining functionality and durability. But remember, always choose high-quality materials and don’t forget about applying proper adhesives for optimum longevity of the project. Follow our step-by-step guide closely and enjoy building one of these cozy DIY projects for yourself. Happy crafting!

Top 5 Facts About Burlap Kitchen Cabinets You Need to Know

Burlap kitchen cabinets have become increasingly popular among homeowners as a stylish and unique alternative to traditional cabinet finishes. Made from natural fibers, burlap is a versatile material that can be dyed and treated to create a variety of textures and colors. But before jumping on the burlap bandwagon, there are 5 key facts you should know about this trendy design choice.

1. Durable and Long-lasting

One of the biggest misconceptions about burlap is that it’s flimsy and won’t hold up well in a high-use area like the kitchen. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth! When properly cared for, burlap has proven to be just as durable as other materials commonly used for cabinetry such as wood or metal. With proper sealing and regular upkeep, your burlap cabinets can last for years to come.

2. Maintenance is Key

As with any cabinet finish, maintaining your burlap cabinets is essential for preserving their longevity and appearance. While the texture of burlap adds an interesting element to your kitchen design, it also makes it more prone to collecting dust and dirt over time. Regular cleaning with a soft brush or cloth will help keep your cabinets looking fresh.

3. Wide Range of Color Options

Burlap may conjure up images of neutral shades like beige or tan, but this material actually comes in a wide range of hues! From light pastels to bold jewel tones, there’s a color option for every style preference imaginable. Plus, because burlap takes dye so well, you can achieve virtually any shade you desire with this material.

4. Texture Variety Abounds

Aside from color variety, another appealing aspect of using burlap for your kitchen cabinetry is the range of texture options available. From rough-hewn weaves to smooth finishes resembling linen fabric – the possibilities are endless when it comes to customizing the look of your burlap cabinets. This is a great way to add visual interest and depth to your kitchen design.

5. Environmentally-Friendly

In today’s world, many homeowners are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and create more sustainable living spaces. Burlap kitchen cabinets fit perfectly into this eco-friendly mindset! Made from biodegradable plant fibers, burlap is an all-natural material that doesn’t contribute to harmful emissions during production or disposal.

In conclusion, burlap kitchen cabinets offer a unique blend of style and sustainability that’s hard to ignore. From the wide variety of color options and textures available to the long-lasting durability of this natural material, there’s a lot to love about making burlap cabinetry a focal point in your home design. Just remember – proper maintenance is key when it comes to preserving the look and functionality of your burlap cabinets for years down the road!

Pros and Cons of Using Burlap on Your Kitchen Cabinets

Burlap has been a staple in the rustic décor world for years, and now it’s starting to make its way into the kitchen. Specifically, burlap is being used as a cover for kitchen cabinets. While some homeowners love this trend, others are hesitant to jump on board. So, what are the pros and cons of using burlap on your kitchen cabinets? Let’s take a closer look.


1. Cost-effective: Compared to other materials that can be used as cabinet covers such as glass and metal, burlap is relatively cheap. This makes it an attractive option for homeowners who want to add warmth and texture to their space without breaking the bank.

2. Easy-to-install: Unlike glass or metal covers which might require professional installation, burlap cabinets can be easily installed by homeowners themselves. It’s a great DIY project that will save you money in the long run!

3. Adds Texture: Burlap adds a warm and cozy texture that is perfect for any country-style kitchen design scheme.

4.Vintage Style: If you’re looking for vintage appeal when designing your kitchen , adding rustic touches such as stained wood floors paired with old-fashioned cabinetry doors decorated with burlap fabric panels gives off that much sought-after antique feeling.


1.Durability Issue: Burlap Material is not exactly durable; chances are it would start falling apart after repeated washes or exposure to heat and moisture.

2.Low Cleaning Ability: Because of its rough texture, cleaning becomes difficult whenever spills occur on the surface of the fabric thus making its maintenance cost high.

3.Creature Feast Opportunity : Certain pests like moths, rodents (especially mice) would find comfort chewing through the fabric wallcovering leading ultimately into cabinet destruction if not regularly fumigated.

4.Limitations in Designing – Burlap fabric restricts one’s design creativity because its color choices are limited with most options ranging from hues of white, beige and tan with Textures such as stripes, checks or loose weaves as the most commonly available options.

In conclusion, using burlap on your kitchen cabinets presents an affordable option for homeowners looking to add texture and warmth to their space. It is easy to install and works well within a rustic design scheme. However, it may pose durability and maintenance challenges that would come with extra expenses in the long run. The choice ultimately lies on the homeowner’s discretion whether it is worth embarking upon such designs bearing in mind these provided pros and cons.

Frequently Asked Questions About Burlap Cabinet Makeovers

Are you looking to add a charming rustic touch to your kitchen decor? Burlap cabinet makeovers are a popular and cost-effective way of updating your cabinets without breaking the bank. Here are some frequently asked questions about burlap cabinet makeovers that can help you achieve that perfect country-inspired look.

What is Burlap, and Why is it Used in Cabinet Makeovers?

Burlap is made of natural fabric fibers, such as jute or hemp, and has been used for centuries for its strong quality, affordability and versatility. Burlap adds a unique texture and character to cabinets while being eco-friendly at the same time.

Where can I Purchase Burlap Fabric for my Cabinets?

You can purchase burlap fabric from any craft store or online retailer. However, it’s essential to make sure that the material is sturdy enough to withstand everyday wear-and-tear of kitchen use.

Can I Use Any Type of Glue when Installing my burlap on Cabinets?

While there are various types of glue available in the market, not all adhesives will work effectively with burlap. You should opt for an appropriate adhesive such as Mod Podge or Gorilla Glue which offer outstanding durability even in high humidity areas like kitchens.

Do I Need To Remove The Cabinet Hardware When Installing Burlap?

It’s best to remove cabinet hardware before installation so that you can easily place the fabric around them. Alternatively, covering them with painters tape during application also works well.

How Do I Apply My burlap Fabric on Cabinets?

Firstly, prepare the surface by cleaning and drying any dirt or dust off your cabinets. Next, measure out your desired length of fabric using a ruler or measuring tape, remembering to cut exact sizes that match your cabinets’ dimensions. Then apply adhesive across one side of the cabinet surfaces and carefully attach your cut pieces of burlap starting from left to right until you completely cover each doorfront.Top Tip:One person should hold the fabric while another spreads adhesive more evenly to smooth any wrinkles or folds.

What Are Some Pros And Cons Of Using Burlap For Cabinet Makeovers?


• Cost-effectiveness: Burlap is cheaper than most materials used for cabinet makeovers.
• Eco-friendly: Burlap is an all-natural and biodegradable product, making it an excellent choice for homeowners who want to go green.
• Creativity options are endless with burlap giving a unique farmhouse appeal to your cabinets’ existing design.


• Stains easily: As burlap is made of natural fibers, It can stain quickly. It’s best to apply a clear coat on top of the fabric after installation to help prevent stains and spills.
• Not durable in high-traffic areas: Though burlap is sturdy enough for cabinet makeovers, it may not be suitable for high-traffic areas like entrances or mudrooms where wear-and-tear can happen frequently.

In conclusion, burlap makes a great addition to any home decor when done right. With that being said , if you’re considering a DIY project this summer; perhaps updating your old dingy cabinets with burlap ought to be at the top of your list. With its affordability, eco-friendliness and natural texture, adding rustic charm has never been so easy. Happy Crafting!

Tips for Maintaining and Caring for Your Burlap Kitchen Cabinets

Burlap kitchen cabinets add a rustic and warm touch to any kitchen. They offer a natural texture that is visually appealing and blends well with most decor styles. However, as beautiful as they are, they also require proper maintenance and care to maintain their charm for years to come.

Here are some tips for maintaining and caring for your burlap kitchen cabinets:

1. Clean Regularly

Cleaning your burlap kitchen cabinets regularly is important to prevent the accumulation of dirt and grime. Avoid using harsh chemical cleaners that could damage the fabric material of the cabinets. Instead, use a mild soap solution with warm water and a soft cloth or sponge. Wipe gently in circular motions and rinse thoroughly afterward.

2. Handle Carefully

Burlap fabric is delicate, so it’s essential to handle your kitchen cabinets with extra care. Avoid knocking or hitting them when opening or closing the doors or drawers. Also, keep sharp objects away from them to prevent cuts or scratches that could ruin their appearance.

3. Keep Away From Heat

Burlap material can shrink or melt when exposed to high heat sources such as ovens, cooktops, or steamers. Ensure that your burlap kitchen cabinets are placed away from such appliances to maintain their original shape and texture.

4. Protect from Moisture

Excess moisture can cause mold growth on burlap surfaces, which can lead to discoloration and deterioration of the material over time. Avoid spilling liquids on the countertops adjacent to your burlap kitchen cabinets; instead, wipe dry spills immediately with an absorbent cloth.

5. Avoid Direct Sunlight Exposure

Direct sunlight exposure can fade colors on burlap surfaces over time. Therefore it’s crucial t place an awning above them if they are near windows experieinbeing t a lot of direct sunlight., Keep blinds closed during peak sunlight hours helps in maintainingthe quality of your burlap kitchen cabinets.

6. Follow Manufacturer’s Instructions

Lastly, it’s important to follow manufacturer’s instructions for maintaining your burlap cabinets. Check whether they need periodic maintenance with special cleaning or conditioning products or if you should clean them only when necessary.

In conclusion, your burlap kitchen cabinetry can be a beautiful addition to your home if maintained well. From regular cleaning and handling with care, protecting them from harmful elements such as heat, moisture, and direct sunlight exposure. By following these simple tips from the manufacturer will keep them looking vibrant for many years to come.

Inspirational Ideas: Creative Ways to Incorporate Burlap into Your Kitchen Design

Burlap is likely not the first material that comes to mind when you think of kitchen design, but maybe it should be. This versatile and affordable fabric can lend a rustic and charming touch to your cooking space, making it the perfect addition for those aiming for a warm, inviting feel in their homes.

Here are some inspirational and creative ideas on how burlap could spice up your kitchen design:

1. Burlap Curtains: This classic decor item offers an easy way to bring burlap into your kitchen without overwhelming the room with its presence. A pair of burlap curtains framing your windows will add texture and depth while still allowing ample natural light to filter through.

2. Runner or Tablecloth: A table runner or tablecloth made out of burlap fabric is another way to incorporate this material into your kitchen design. The runners offer a simple yet elegant look that pairs well with any color scheme, while the tablecloths provide a more substantial statement piece further enhancing the ambiance of the kitchen.

3. Burlap-Wrapped Utensil Jars: Perhaps most suitable for rustic or farmhouse-styled kitchens, tying burlap around utensil jars give them an organic makeover without going overboard on intricate designs or major changes to decoration schemes should you require simplicity.

4. Placemats: Using burlap placemats gives one’s home a cozy-cool vibe while seamlessly complementing other elements in the room as well, such as antique pottery ovens or wooden flooring patterns.

5. Artwork: For those hoping for something off-beat but keen on keeping things clean, streamlined and beautiful (which is always advisable when trying to improve functionality), consider displaying artwork created out of burlap textiles – these masterpieces can be either handmade pieces or use pre-made designs – just add frames!

6.Towels: Swapping out traditional fabric towels in your kitchen with burlap towels can change up the ordinary and provide interest to typically ho-hum parts of one’s household. Its ruggedness has more character over heavily embellished style, which is still trendy all these years later.

In conclusion, burlap gives the freedom to mix-and-match while still maintaining a distinct vibe or idea that resonates with you in mind. Look at each suggestion and imagine them within your own home; feel free to be creative and make your personality show through these styling ideas for great entertaining spaces at home!

Table with useful data:

Property Description
Material Burlap fabric
Color Natural beige or tan
Style Rustic, country, or farmhouse
Care Spot clean with damp cloth
Installation Professional recommended
Cost Varies depending on size and complexity

Information from an expert

Burlap kitchen cabinets can add a rustic and textured element to your kitchen design. However, they require careful consideration in terms of maintenance and durability. Burlap is made of natural fibers that are prone to staining, mildew, and wear and tear over time. To maintain the appearance of burlap cabinets, it is crucial to clean them regularly with a mild soap solution or specialized cleaning products specifically designed for natural fabrics. It’s also important to avoid placing hot objects on or near the cabinets as this can damage the fabric. Consider implementing burlap cabinets if you’re looking to achieve an organic feel in your home but keep in mind that careful maintenance will be necessary to ensure longevity.

Historical fact:

Burlap kitchen cabinets became popular in the 1940s and 1950s during World War II when metal was scarce and people had to find alternatives for their kitchens. The natural fiber of burlap made it a practical and affordable option.

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