Reduce Waste and Save Money with Krumbs Kitchen Reusable Storage Bags

Reduce Waste and Save Money with Krumbs Kitchen Reusable Storage Bags

How Krumbs Kitchen Reusable Storage Bags Help You Save Money, Time, and the Environment

Krumbs Kitchen reusable storage bags are not just another kitchen accessory – they are a lifestyle choice. Not only do they save you money, time and the environment but they make you wonder why we all weren’t using them before!

Firstly – Money: If like me, your weekly food shop involves buying more plastic baggies than actual food, then investing in a set of Krumbs Kitchen reusable storage bags is a total no-brainer! By swapping single-use plastic bags for these durable and washable snack pouches or sandwich wraps, you immediately cut out the ongoing expense of constantly having to buy replacement resealable bags.

Secondly – Time: We’re all rushed off our feet juggling work schedules, family life, and trying to maintain some sense of personal time amidst it all. So who wants to waste precious minutes rummaging through the junk drawer looking for stray sandwich baggies when you can pop a Krumbs Kitchen wrap in your handbag or lunchbox? These nifty storage pouches nip that issue right in the bud.

Finally (and arguably most importantly) – Environment: It’s no secret that we all need to commit to making small changes when it comes to our impact on the planet. A recent statistic claimed that Americans use over 100 billion single-use plastic bags each year which amounts to 12 million barrels of oil…per year! But with Krumbs Kitchen reusable storage bags not only do you reduce landfill waste but also lower greenhouse gas emissions by decreasing energy usage used in production processes.

To add an extra layer of charm to this already groundbreaking invention; I adore how beautifully aesthetic and practical these bags are too! Whether browsing for something new and exciting within my go-to easy recipe books or carrying last night’s leftovers around town with me; these lightweight, portable wraps have undoubtedly become one of my household staples.

In conclusion – if giving up your beloved cling film habit feels overwhelming, start small and invest in a set of Krumbs Kitchen reusable storage bags you won’t regret it. They’ll pay for themselves in no time – financially and environmentally, ultimately making weaning yourself off single-use plastics that little bit easier.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Krumbs Kitchen Reusable Storage Bags for Optimal Results

When it comes to reducing waste and being more eco-conscious, we know that every little bit helps. That’s why the team at Krumbs Kitchen created our line of reusable storage bags – they’re the perfect replacement for disposable plastic bags, helping you reduce your carbon footprint while also making sure your food stays fresh.

But using reusable storage bags can be a little different than what you’re used to. So, we’ve compiled a step-by-step guide for using Krumbs Kitchen reusable storage bags for optimal results:

Step 1: Choose the right size bag

Krumbs Kitchen offers two sizes of reusable storage bags – the smaller one is great for snack-sized portions or small items like nuts, seeds or dried fruit. The larger bag can hold up to six cups of food and is perfect for sandwiches or larger snack portions.

Step 2: Open your bag

The first time you use your Krumbs Kitchen reusable storage bag, it may be a little stiff. This is normal! Simply work the zipper back and forth along the tracks until it glides easily.

Step 3: Fill ‘er up!

Now comes the fun part – fill your Krumbs Kitchen reusable storage bag with your favorite snacks or foods. Make sure not to overfill the bag – this can make it hard to seal shut.

Step 4: Seal tightly

To seal your Krumbs Kitchen reusable storage bag, simply slide your finger across the zipper closure in one smooth motion until you reach the end. You should hear a satisfying “click” when it’s fully sealed.

Step 5: Store in fridge or freezer

If you’re storing perishable food items like veggies or fruits in your Krumbs Kitchen reusable storage bags, place them in the fridge as soon as possible. If you want to freeze food items (like meat), make sure to leave a little extra space at the top of your bag – liquids expand as they freeze!

Step 6: Reuse again and again

One of the best things about Krumbs Kitchen reusable storage bags? You can use them over and over again! Simply give them a rinse with warm soapy water after each use, dry them off and you’re ready to go. They’re also dishwasher safe for even more convenience.

By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to get the most out of your Krumbs Kitchen reusable storage bags – helping you take one step closer towards living a more sustainable lifestyle. Happy snacking!

FAQs About Krumbs Kitchen Reusable Storage Bags: All Your Questions Answered

As we become more aware of the impact our daily habits have on the environment, it’s no surprise that many of us are making changes to live a more sustainable lifestyle. One way to reduce our impact is by using eco-friendly products like Krumbs Kitchen reusable storage bags.

If you’re new to the world of reusable bags or have questions about Krumbs Kitchen specifically, we’ve compiled a list of FAQs to help answer all your questions:

1. What are Krumbs Kitchen reusable storage bags made from?

Krumbs Kitchen bags are made from food-grade PEVA material that is free from BPA, PVC and lead. It’s also microwave safe, dishwasher safe and freezer safe – making them incredibly versatile!

2. How do I clean my Krumbs Kitchen reusable storage bag?

Cleaning your Krumbs Kitchen bag couldn’t be easier! Simply turn the bag inside out and wash with warm soapy water or toss it in the dishwasher for an easy clean.

3. Can I use Krumbs Kitchen bags for liquids?

Yes! Unlike other reusable storage bags on the market, Krumbs Kitchen uses a double ziplock seal that makes it virtually leak-proof!

4. Are Krumbs Kitchen Bags environmentally friendly?

Absolutely! By choosing to use these eco-friendly alternatives instead of disposable plastic bags, you’re helping reduce waste in landfills and contributing to a sustainable future.

5. Can I recycle my Krumbs Kitchen Bag once it’s reached its end-of-life?

While these bags aren’t recyclable (yet!), they can still be used multiple times before they need to be disposed of properly in your household trash bin.

6. Are there any foods or products that shouldn’t be stored in a Krumbs Kitchen Bag?

Avoid storing acidic foods like citrus fruits or tomatoes as this can cause discoloration over time.

7. Do Krumbs Kitchen Bags come in different sizes?

Yes! Krumbs Kitchen bags come in a variety of sizes, making them perfect for all your storage needs. From snacks to sandwiches to bulk foods like grains and nuts – there’s a bag for everything!

8. Are Krumbs Kitchen Bags safe to use in the microwave?

Yes! Krumbs Kitchen bags are 100% microwave-safe allowing for ultimate versatility in the kitchen.

9. Can I put hot food or liquids in my Krumbs Kitchen Bag?

No, we do not recommend placing hot food or liquids into any reusable storage bags, including Krumbs Kitchen.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for an eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic storage bags, look no further than Krumbs Kitchen! These versatile, durable and reusable bags are perfect for storing all kinds of foods and helping you reduce your impact on the environment along the way.

Top 5 Facts About Krumbs Kitchen Reusable Storage Bags That Will Make You Want Them Now

Krumbs Kitchen reusable storage bags are quickly becoming a popular household item. Not only do they reduce waste and save money, but they also provide an easy solution for storing food items. These bags come in different sizes to fit all kinds of food items, making it convenient for everyone, including those who bring snacks on the go. Here are the top 5 facts about Krumbs Kitchen reusable storage bags that will make you want them now.

1. They’re Durable and Easy to Clean

Krumbs Kitchen reusable storage bags are made from high-quality materials that ensure durability over time. The material used is BPA free, lead-free, and madeto last longer than a typical plastic bag. They are also easy to clean by hand or machine washing which makes storing your food even more hygienic.

2. They’re Safe To Store Food Item

The last thing anyone wants is their food getting contaminated or spoilt because of poor storage methods. Krumbs Kitchen reusable storage bags guarantee safe storage of packed lunches or leftover dinners – they’re perfect for keeping fruits and vegetables fresh or packing tasty sandwiches without worrying about bacteria getting into your food from other sources.

3. Different Sizes & Shapes

When we think about storage options to replace single-use plastic, our minds often go straight to bulky Tupperware containers with mismatched lids that always seem to disappear! Krumbs Kitchen offers multiple size options one can pick according to their needs-Even oversized ones for large marinating items like salmon fillets or whole chickens.

4.Odor resistant

No matter how much you wash that lunchbox lid ,there always seems lingering smells around.It’s true for microwaving too! But with Krumbs Kitchen reuseable ziplocks ,you don’t have worry odor sticking around even after you keep curry flavoured meals,in fact these seals prevent odor seeping out during travel too !)

5.Environment friendly

Whether its eco warriors or just users trying to pick up better habits,Krumbs Kitchen is a no-brainer for your kitchen. These storage bags offer an excellent option for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint and make environmentally responsible choices, all while easily storing and transporting food in the most efficient way possible.

In conclusion, Krumbs Kitche reusable storage bags tick off all the boxes we could ask for- from durability,to ample sizes,to ease of maintenance and the additional bonus of being environmentally friendly.A purchase that makes sense both long-term for our planet and short-term for our homes. Happy Packing!

Tips and Tricks for Choosing and Caring for Your Krumbs Kitchen Reusable Storage Bags

Krumbs Kitchen Reusable Storage bags have quickly become a popular choice for people looking to reduce their environmental impact and live a more sustainable lifestyle. These bags are not only good for the environment but also help you save money in the long run by avoiding single-use plastic bags.

However, with so many options available in the market like size, material, and design of reusable storage bags, it can be overwhelming to decide which one is right for you. That’s why we have come up with some tips and tricks that will help you choose the best Krumbs Kitchen reusable storage bag for you and keep them in top-notch shape for longer.

Tip #1 – Determine your need: Before buying reusable storage bags or any other product first, determine your needs such as how frequently or what kind of food items you usually store in them, type of material that is convenient for your usage such as silicone or fabric-based materials.

Tip #2 – Material Matters: Choose the material that best suits your requirements. Generally, silicone-based Krumbs Kitchen reusable storage bags are perfect if you’re planning to reheat food while keeping the quality intact. These provide an air-tight seal that helps retain freshness better than fabric-based storage alternatives do.

Tip #3 – Think About Size: Make sure to select a re-usable bag big enough to hold all of your desired items properly. At Krumbs Kitchen we offer numerous sizes from snack-size (8oz) up to large (64oz) so there’s something appropriate no matter your household size.

Tip #4 – Label Them — Maintain organization by labeling each bag with its contents; This will make it easier during meal prep time because everything is labeled clearly making it easier for everyone else involved in cooking/baking/meal prep processes too!

Trick #1 -Use It wisely-Store anything from snacks & sandwiches up through raw meat…just be aware of cross-contamination risks between bags; Never reuse storage bags for different types of foods to avoid risks of contamination, and replace any that are obviously dirty or excessively worn.

Trick #2 – Clean Them Regularly- Make sure to clean your Krumbs Kitchen reusable storage bags frequently — every time you use them. These reusable bags can be hand-washed alternatively also throw them in the dishwasher (silicone preferably). Get creative using a bottlebrush for extra cleanliness.

Trick #3 – Air Dry Them- Always let them air dry, so they don’t develop mold and bacteria. To speed up the drying process, consider placing silicone-based well over a dish rack to quicken this without causing damage during storage.

With these tips and tricks at your disposal, make clearer choices about which Krumbs Kitchen Reusable Storage Bag is perfect for you. In addition, proper care will help extend its functional lifespan while also better protecting the environment over daily single-use plastic bags usage.

Conclusion: Why You Should Switch to Krumbs Kitchen Reusable Storage Bags Today

As consumers, we all have a responsibility to do our part in reducing waste and protecting the environment. One of the easiest ways to do this is by making small changes in our daily lives, such as switching to reusable storage bags for food and other household items.

While there are many reusable storage bag options on the market, Krumbs Kitchen Reusable Storage Bags stand out for several reasons.

Firstly, they are made from high-quality materials that are eco-friendly and BPA-free. This means that not only are you reducing waste by using these bags repeatedly, but you’re also eliminating harmful chemicals from leaching into your food.

Secondly, their patented air-tight seal technology ensures that your food stays fresher for longer periods of time. No more wasted produce or stale crackers!

Thirdly, they come in a variety of sizes and colors to suit all of your needs. Whether you need a small bag for snacks on-the-go or a larger one for storing leftovers in the fridge, Krumbs has got you covered.

Lastly – and perhaps most importantly – Krumbs Kitchen Reusable Storage Bags save you money over time. By eliminating the need for disposable plastic bags, Ziploc bags or aluminum foil altogether; you’ll eliminate unnecessary outings to buy them- Think about it: if each week we purchase 20 sandwich bags that cost around $3, that’s over $150 per year spent on disposable plastic! Switching to reusable storage bags will save us money AND reduce our carbon footprint.

In summary, there are multiple reasons why switching to Krumbs Kitchen Reusable Storage Bags is beneficial. They’re durable, sustainable and help protect both our planetary home and bank account.If everyone switches just once to these an amazing products-our planet could benefit from billions fewer tons plastics filling up landfill sites… So what’s stopping us now? Do your bit today- choose Krumbs Kitchen Reusable option! Get them at

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